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The Frugal Musician’s Kitchen Stadium: Iron Chef Series


Welcome to my real life snow globe.

Last week, I was able to visit the store ONCE and that was a task because I had to get out of the drive first. Monumental endeavor and when I finally did make it to the store, the shelves were nearly bare because we had a snowstorm LAST weekend and delivery trucks weren’t able to make it through.

The sparsity of the shelves aligned perfectly with the poverty of my pocket as I only had $20 to buy groceries for a week. I exited the store with a whole chicken, several cans of veggies, cheese, eggs, milk, sugar,bread and flour. I also purchased veal at nearly nothing along with Oscar Meyer hotdogs that were drastically reduced. All in all, I did ok and was happy to have gotten groceries for the coming week. I didn’t have to worry about food over the weekend.

Boyfriend was supposed to work all weekend. The place he runs sound also has one of the best restaurants in the city, so I only prepare breakfast and lunch on days he works. He was scheduled for a four day work week which all turned to mush when the snow started piling up. He’s out of work til next week.

This morning, I felt like my humble little cookery was Kitchen Stadium minus the sumptuous choices of meat, cheese, and all manner of extra ingrediants. I realized the neccessity of some seriously frugal thinking where food was concerned. I’d need to make use of whatever I had in the cupboard and freezer to make our food last for the next few days.

Last night I took pasta from the freezer and made a sauce of tomato soup, basil, oregano and cream cheese and milk. I’d bought two nice veal chops for $1.79 and cooked those up and served the whole dinner with cheese toast. It was excellent and I had enough left for lunch today.

But how do I make Superbowl snacks? What can I do about the rest of our meals? We will not starve, of course, but to stretch everything I will need to think like an Iron Chef.

Watch out Emeril.Beware Cat Cora. Get out of the way Guy! The Frugal Musician is in Kitchen Stadium and ready for some creative cooking!