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The Frugal Musician adds it up


blog photos 061The Frugal Musician believes in calendars, notebooks and record keeping in a big way. Record keeping is often very revealing.

In June, I decided to keep tabs on my market spending. I’d started subscribing to the Sunday Richmond Times Dispatch specifically for the coupons. I found when I clipped and couponed according to the sale circulars, I started doing a good job of saving.

My June tally was revealing:

Total spent on groceries including toiletries: $184.14

Coupon savings: $99.39

Free Stuff: $16.27 (Free food at Cap D’s, Victoria’s Secret, free SoyJoy, free breadsticks at Little Caesars,free italian bread at my local market)

Extra Side Hustle income: $35.00 (Neighborhood Yard Sale and Garden Sale)

Bearing in mind that Boyfriend and I eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert nightly, and snacks here at home, I guess $184.14 was not so bad.

But for July I’m on a mission. Spend $100 on food (not including toiletries).

Wish me luck!