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The Graywater Experiment


This is not a new novel by David Baldacci and has nothing to do with spies or espionage. It’s not a government initiative (but maybe it should be) or a soviet plot or a secret mission.

It’s harvest time in the garden and my main method of food preservation is blanching and freezing. Basically this involves a pot of boiling hot water on the stove to boil veggies for 3-5 minutes and then a bowl of ice water to stop the cooking process. Blanching preserves color and flavor and readies food for freezer bags.

It occurred to me last week as I was processing vegetables that the water for washing and blanching could be reused to water my garden. We’ve only received one good drenching rain here and I can almost predict we’ll be in a drought situation before long.

During my last blanching session I bottled up my graywater and took it down to the garden and watered my plants. I also used graywater in a small flowerbed I have at the side of the house.

You can find our more about graywater at http://graywater.net. It seems such a reasonable alternative to using drinking water on lawns and gardens.

I’ve always been a resourceful gal though sometimes I think Boyfriend thinks I have a screw loose. He looked balefully at my graywater before I took it to the garden and I know he  questions the validity of my constant recycling, purchasing at thrift marts and composting efforts. Mercifully, he rarely SAYS what I know he’s thinking.

We should all try to be more resourceful. With oil spilling into the gulf at breakneck speed, water may become all too scarce in the future.  What affects one part of the planet, affects another.

Consider your graywater and make it work for you and the planet.


The Frugal Musician gets hemmed in…


I recently purchased a killer pair of Forever 21 black dress pants at my local thrift mart for a whopping $1.50. Apparently the previous owner completely removed the hem of the pants, leaving them long enough to scrap the pavement or floor or whatever (I’m opting pavement by the chewed up nature of the bottom of the pants).  Here’s how I repaired the damage.

frugal-musician-0761Here’s a photo of the ragged bottom of the pants.



I turned the pants inside out and I measured the inseam. The inseam is the seam that runs from the crotch of the pants to the bottom of one leg. The inseam was 31 inches and my inseam with heels, is 30 inches.  A one inch hem was just the trick to make these perfect.














I turned up the bottom of the pants and pinned a one inch hem and whip stitched the hem.  I found a great video about how to whip stitch.















After I completed hemming both pant legs, I ironed a nice crease in the new hem (remember to iron on the INSIDE of the garment).















The pants turned out great and I wore them out the very night I repaired them. I’ll get several years wear out of something someone else discarded.  Honestly, after these become unwearable, they’ll probably end up as black stone bags, because the material lends itself nicely to making stone bags…which is a post for another day!