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The Frugal Musician falls off the wagon


We had The Big Event in June and in addition to falling off the frugal financial wagon, I also fell off the composting, recycling and reusing train as well.

As the date of The Big Event approached the rapidity of money draining from my resources was only matched by the  pouring out of effort and energy to get our house and grounds in good order to host 40 people. Everything we did in the house and in the garden was something that should have been done YEARS ago, so I’m not whining about spending monetary resources on stain for the deck, paint for the bath and upgrades to fixtures and the like.  I know everything could have been done cheaper, but not as fast as it had to be accomplished.

It bothers me that we had The Big Event and didn’t recycle plastic, glass and aluminum. It bothers me that in the week before TBE, I didn’t compost my vegetable scraps or put out my coffee grounds and eggshells to dry for mulching the tomato plants.

On the upside, I washed and plan to reuse the big aluminum serving pans with the nice fitting plastic tops we bought and I had enough plastic cups, utensils, paper plates and napkins to host another Big Event.

And this time the house and grounds will be in order and time, effort and energy will be intact for maximum enjoyment of the hostess!


The Frugal Musician thinks Bertoli has a point



Has anyone noticed the new Bertolli ad campaign at MSN.com?  “Staying in is the new going out.”

I love it!

I’ve lost my appetite for going out. I can buy a bottle of wine for the price of a glass out at a restaurant. I can cook a delicious dinner for much less than the fare at most eateries, and I trust the cook and the cleanliness of the establishment. Entertainment is a movie on tv or our cable on demand service.  And that, my friends, is a Frugal Musician’s night out. Dinner and movie at home.

I like Bertolli’s thinking.