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The Frugal Musician is a bag lady



I finished my first collection of velvet bags for listing on Etsy.com. I call this set The Seven Starry Night Collection. Big bags are 3×6 and the small ones are 3×5 (give or take – remember I repurpose clothing and scrap material for these items).  I figure I can sell them as amulet, gem, stone, or rune bags.  Each one has a hand braided draw string closure finished with a metal or wood finding. All are handsewn except for seams intrinsic in the recycled piece.

Each set of my creations will have a story. I’m working on a set of crushed green velvet tarot bags with leather ties called The Green Goddess. Coming up with the names and stories of my little creations is part of the fun.

I’m considering selling the collection for $15.00. Etsy.com charges .20 for each item listed and then a 3.5% commission at final sale. So i should make about $13.08 for the sale.

Since I only use material and items I find at thrift marts and free material from craigslist.org, my time is my only expense. But I do realize time is valuable. These little bags help me create and tap into my imagination. Sewing is very soothing to me. Designing the bags helps me channel my own artistic nature. My job is creating buzz and media exposure for musicians, and it’s been a long while since I thought of myself as an artist.

Maybe it’s time to reconsider my own artistic nature and needs.

Do you create and sell handmade items? I’d love to hear about it.


The Frugal Musician has a question…


VELVET BAG 7I’m thinking of selling these velvet bags on Etsy.com

Have any of you bought or sold on Etsy.com?

I love to sit down with a pile of velvet (re-purposed of course) and stitch up these little drawstring bags.

I view it as a stress buster. It would be great if it were a money maker as well.

With no 401k or retirement stipend or trust fund, Tammy is trying to weave a tapestry of freelance work and crafting to sail her through her golden years.

Or silver years according to my hair…..