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The Frugal Musician’s Kitchen Stadium Series: Fabulous Fruit Cobbler


My favorite go to dessert when the snow is flying is fruit cobbler.

I usually have cake in the freezer and a can of frosting on hand but I’m out of frosting and Miss Betsy Jeep is still stuck in the drive.

This is the best cobbler and so simple

One cup of self rising flour (If you don’t have self rising, use one cup flour , 2 tsp of baking powder and a half tsp of salt)

One cup of sugar ( I only use half a cup and that is plenty sweet)

One cup of milk

One can of fruit or a two cup equivalent

Put one half stick of margarine into a glass baking pan. I use an 8x 1o corning ware dish. Turn oven to 350 degrees to melt butter and also heat the oven. Mix flour, sugar and milk together. When margarine is melted in dish, pour in cobbler mix. Top with canned peaches (with syrup) canned strawberries (I get these from the dollar store) blueberries, blackberries or apples.  Bake for 30-40 minutes at 350. Serve with icecream, or snowcream or cool whip.


The Frugal Musicians Sad Muffin Story


I posted a couple of recipes for muffins and strudel, both using self-rising flour.

I even explained how to make self-rising flour if you didn’t have any on hand.

And I used regular flour when I made muffins last night. I was excited because I added a mixture of pumpkin pie spice and sugar to the regular mix. So I forgot to add the baking powder and salt into the regular flour to make my muffins puff.

**Sigh** What to do with the flat little muffins? How could they be saved? I simply couldn’t throw them away….

So I sliced them and made cookies. I baked the slices at 400 degress for 15 minutes and they were OUTSTANDING.

Do you ever make a baking error? Are you brave enough to try and fix it? I’d love to hear your stories!