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The Frugal Musician’s Thrifty Dilemma



The men in my life are slender people and Express caters to slender types. I can always find shirts and pants to fit the fellas in my life (sons and Boyfriend) with little effort. It’s nice to take advantage of sales plus 40% off – like these nice polo shirts.

But at full price Express is a nightmare. A great example is ties. A tie at Express is (are you sitting down?) $60.00. I buy ties for my younger son who has to wear them to work, for a buck at the Junior League.  The last one I bought at JL was a silk affair from Joseph A Banks for a dollar.  I do like Express because it is one of those stores my sons can walk into and if they find something they like, can call Mom and she can put it on her Express card. This is the only card I use for this purpose. If my kids need new clothing for a job interview or a special event, it’s nice to be able to purchase an item for them with my card.  I should note both of them live in different states and asking mom to put something on her card is a rarity.

For my birthday, Express kindly sent me a $15 gift card. I was going to use it today as it expires, but the mall is a 40 minute drive and I just noticed I cannot use the card on red-lined items (mark downs) making it pretty useless, unless I want a pair of earrings. Somehow, the drive and time just isn’t worth redeeming the $15 gift card.

In this instance, free was really not going to be free at all. Have you run into similar situations? I’d love to hear about it!


The Frugal Musician is a scrapper…


DC 094I’m a scrapper. And I don’t mean a girl who likes to pick fights.

I like material scraps and use them to make bags for stones, gems or runes. I make 3×6 drawstrings type bags as a creative meditative art.

Craigslist.org had a listing for quilters scraps for free. After speaking with the poster, she assured me these scraps were very nice and they were quite large. The hitch was she lived in Chesterfield, which was not exactly close.

I had a meeting across town yesterday and it just so happened boyfriend had seen a boat in Chesterfieldfor nearly nothing on craigslist.org, so we mapquested our errands and bundled our tasks and headed out. My meeting went great (new work!), and the scraps were mostly gorgeous pieces of silk in the most beautiful colors, and the boat – well, the boat was pretty much a disaster that would have taken a lot of money to renovate.

I cannot wait to get into my big bag of scraps and have fun sewing bags. A bag of material is just as soothing and comforting to me as a therapy session must be to some folks.  There’s something about cutting and whip stitching and coming up with creative cords for ties and cool beads or tokens to finish off my bags that speaks to my artist’s soul.

Do you have a simple craft that speaks to your soul and gives you calmness and serenity? I’d love to know about it!

Fender Road Worn – one of my bands is in the Top FIVE


Simplified is currently in the Top Five of the Fender Road Worn competition. THis is a NATIONAL contest and the winner gets all sorts of FREE touring gear including a truck and trailer…. PLEASE register and vote for them. It’ll only take a minute and you’ll be supporting original music!

The Frugal Musician gets some Sweet Deals…



The local Kroger has been going through a “re-set” which  I guess is food retail lingo for spring cleaning.  Bins of merchandise are stacked at the front of the store and tables display all manner of food. Some of the items are seasonal-Valentines anf Christmas items- and some are simply the victims of label changes. I recently bought spices for .50 a piece. The expiration date on most was 2011 and I also bought Celestial Seasonings Herb Tea for $1.00 and then used a .50 coupon, which Kroger doubles, so the tea cost nothing. 

Kroger routinely sends a leaflet to me with free coupons for items I buy most.  The cake mix was free as was the coffee.  The M&Ms, great for making cookies, were 75 cents a bag and I had a one dollar coupon on two bags, making the total cost for two big bags of candy exactly 50 cents! The icings and jello were 25 cents each. The Quaker Chocolate Crisps were a free sample I ordered from WalMart. Lots of nice sweet stuff for cookies and cake cost ONE DOLLAR AND 25 CENTS!

Talk about a SWEET deal!

The Frugal Musician does FREE



I know last week I wrote about eschewing fast food and especially fast food soda, citing the gunky soda lines associated with fountain drinks. However, and in direct contradiction to my post from last week, I WILL take FREE when it presents itself.  I’ve been the happy recipient of a good many offers for Free or Nearly Free fast food items of late and have taken advantage of them.  Everything from totally FREE offers at the brand new ChickFilA down the street to one dollar McDonalds fish sandwich coupons have fallen into my hands. 

And as they have, I have offered up a prayer of thanks and a whisper of a doubt. 

Free is not necessarily healthy. But I figure I eat enough salad to make up for my occasional fast food freebies.

It made me wonder. Does FREE change your attitude about what you eat and where you dine?