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The Frugal Musician knits



As the weather cooled last autumn, I learned to knit on a round loom. I bought yarn at my second hand store and made use of the round knitting looms my aunt gave me several years ago to create hats and gauntlet gloves for Christmas. All were a big hit.

I also figured out how to make knitted draw string purses like the one you see here. I have several versions of this at the etsy.com site below the picture. These remind me of the reticule purses Jane Austen characters carried.

I hope I can make some extra cash by using my creativity. There’s something about making something and then having someone purchase it and love it that makes my heart sing.

Do you do anything creative to sell? Do you like Etsy.com?


The Frugal Musician grows Luffa


Belmont 042


I planted Luffa seeds last year at the base of a dead tree in my flower garden. All summer I’ve had gorgeous yellow blooms and long cucumberish looking fruit.

I was wondering about harvesting and found this fantastic link. I will be giving luffahs away for gifts along with bath salts packaged in handmade drawstring bags.

The mall is a distressing place full of consumerism. I’m happy to have a little plot of land and a little know-how to create my own gifts for holidays and special occassions.

What are you making for Christmas?

The Frugal Musician’s side hustle weekend


ebay 006

I’ve been side hustling myself to death on the weekends, leaving me breathless and wondering why on earth I am so tired on Monday morning when I have to gear up for a week of promoting bands.

Oh yeah. The side hustle. Digging and selling plants, posting stuff from my dad’s house on ebay and craigslist, selling books at half.com, selling handmade items at etsy.com,writing my own booklets, printing, creating covers and selling. I’ve also been accepting freelance publicity work. All in the effort to pay down debt and get a nice chunk of cash in the bank.

And quite frankly, I’m exhausted.

Do you side hustle on the weekend?  I’d love to hear about it.

Alunachic’s stores:




The Frugal Musician is in stitches



After I sold my first bags on ETSY.com for $20, I reinvested my $20 bucks and bought a great mid 70s Singer sewing machine for (tada!!!!) $20 bucks!

The machine came with the cabinet and it is immaculate condition and works perfectly. When I get back from vacation, I’m going to tackle the big bag of fabric scraps I got for free on craigslist.org and make gem bags, rune bags, tarot bags and wine bags.

Usually after vacation, I experience a bit of a let down. Hopefully, having this fun project to come home to will keep my spirits high upon my return.

I need lots of tips. Anything and everything will be appreciated!

The Frugal Musician is an Etsy.com girl



I was tickled beyond belief to sell my first grouping of bags on ETSY.com for $20 which included shipping.  My first customer’s name and the purchaser of the bags was HOPE. I am taking this as a good omen. I also am delighted the bags sold in less than 24 hours.

I have another set of Red Rocket Desire Bags on etsy.com now but my store is on vacation as I plan a little trip to NC to visit family this week. I’ll let you know about further progress at the site, but so far, it’s been easy and I am very pleased.


Do you have a fun way to make extra money? I love to hear about side hustles!

The Frugal Musician has a question…


VELVET BAG 7I’m thinking of selling these velvet bags on Etsy.com

Have any of you bought or sold on Etsy.com?

I love to sit down with a pile of velvet (re-purposed of course) and stitch up these little drawstring bags.

I view it as a stress buster. It would be great if it were a money maker as well.

With no 401k or retirement stipend or trust fund, Tammy is trying to weave a tapestry of freelance work and crafting to sail her through her golden years.

Or silver years according to my hair…..