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The Frugal Musician catches up on 27 things



I wanted to catch you up on my bag items, since last week was so hectic.

I added the above office supplies. I once had a cool wipe off board but now I work in a sunroom (I AM SO LUCKY) and there is only one small wall, so I no longer use the board making the  eraser and wipe off spray useless. The staples don’t fit my stapler and I don’t have any idea where they came from

I’ve also added a few more camisole tops that just didn’t look right on me this season, a puzzle and a few children’s toys I had upstairs in my gift drawer. I have over 27 items in the bag now so Monday it will be time to donate these to the thrift store and start a new bag.

Try moving one thing a day out of your life. Reduce it, reuse it, or recycle it or donate it. Clearing physical clutter really helps clear mental clutter as well!


The Frugal Musician has had a busy week…


blog photos 066Yes those are my little brown feet. And let me tell you, they are as tired as the rest of me!

Last week, Sister called with a potential beach trip for June 1-8, so Moonstruck and The Frugal Musician and Alunatunes all went into HIGH gear to try and get ready. By Tuesday, it was all just a fleeting fancy, but I was not disappointed. My Sister is the ultimate real estate agent, Mom and wife and manages all of this while Husband is mostly on tour.  For her to really have fun and relax during our little beach excursion, she has to not be in the middle of a deal. She”s finding herself in the midst of several, which is a very good thing for a real estate agent in this economy.

Even though we didn’t get to go to the beach, the thought of being gone forced me into working 15 hour days. So I got A LOT done with my business (which is public relations and publicity for bands, if you didn’t know that already!) but neglected my Frugal Musician posts.

Which brings me to the picture above. This is the donation bag that has been in the bottom of my closet since May 01. Some things I could not fit into the bag and I still want Boyfriend to clean his closet before I take this to the thrift mart on Monday.

I received an email from my thrift mart last week. Donations are needed and the store is offering a $5 gift certificate for dropping things off!

Giving AND getting is perfect!

27 things project May 19


easy spirit shoesSometimes my thrift mart has half off sales. These shoes were $1.00 and are brand new. And they’re a size 5. I wear a size 7.

I thought perhaps I could sell them but had no takers.

So in the bag they go…..

These Easy Spirit shoes were made for walkin…and that’s just what they’ll do………..

27 things project May 18

Standard 059I boxed these items no longer wanted by Boyfriend up to send to Son One and Son Two.

Son One has Crohns disease and can now wear the size 29 waist black jeans because he has lost so much weight. The hodie is new and he can wear it next winter.

Son Two lives in NYC and can use the casual dress shirt for everyday and the collared shirt for golf.

I had these for sale on for awhile and then thought, oh what the heck, I’ll send them to the boys!

27 things project May 15

Standard 046Yo HO HO and a cut out of a pirate!

This again came from dad’s house (are you noticing a trend?). I LOVE pirates. I thought I might hang it on my office wall and use it as a corkboard.

But I work in a sunroom where there are three glass walls. And very little wooden wall space (except for the ceiling…)

So in the closet it will go. I can see it in a child’s room or possibly a rec room.

He’s such a happy pirate, he deserves more than the deserted isle of the upstairs closet.

27 things project May 14

Standard 060

Boyfriend is a sound engineer and gets all manner of tee shirts from bands and organizations. He’s also a big fan of the funny tee.

The funny tees he purchases at Walmart or the like and the band tees, well, they’re usually a large, or extra large or an extra extra large.  Boyfriend wears a size small on his lanky, thin six foot four body.

I was reserving these tees for a yard sale. Every year I think I’ll have a yard sale and make money. And every year, I have a well constructed, well thought out, well advertised sale which garners me about $8.

It’s simply not worth the effort.

So into the give away bag at the bottom of the closet the tees will go.

They shall live another day to add humor to someone else’s day….

27 things project May 11


blog photos 058

I’ve been somewhat hesitant to let these speciality wall plates go. I tried selling them on to no avail.

Two of them are plaster pieces. We removed them from our 1949 house when we redid a few rooms. On the back of the 3 outlet wall mount is a price in pencil of $24.00. The small version is marked $12.00. So I thought I may have some sort of special antique on my hands. But I guess not.

The other white light plate is porcelain.

SOOOOO – In the give away bag they go!

They’d look really nice in a teenager’s room or maybe a baby’s room. Having neither, it’s better to give them away to someone who can perhaps use them!