The Frugal Musician has been one all her life. This is not a new and trendy thing, though it’s just being recognized by a lot of people. The FM believes that money is what you trade your life energy for (Your Money or Your Life).  Life energy is precious and irreplaceable. Therefore, FM considers her work carefully. She doesn’t dilly dally and she gives her clients endless amounts of energy and enthusiasm because she believes that music is a fair and glorious gift of the heavens and musicians deserve love and respect.

FM is a mom of two grown men (also musicians), a musician’s girlfriend and the co-owner of Kronk the Dog (who strangely is NOT musically inclined). She is a booking agent, music publicist, consultant to bands and fledgling writer.

She believes in sharing frugal ideas with others, but especially musicians. If you don’t “buy the Earth ticket” (Col Bruce Hampton) of a pricey lifestyle and mountains of debt, you will find yourself with more life energy and more money to pursue your dreams, no matter what they are.

The Frugal Musician believes all of life unfolds as it should.


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