Magic Blarney Stones Project


According to legend The Blarney Stone, when kissed, can impart the gift of eloquence and persuasion.  It lies within the confines of Blarney Castle in Ireland, built in 1446 by Dermot McCarthy

I started building these little beauties after being inspired by just thinking about magical stones through out history.  Authurian lore tells of Arthur pulling his sword Excaliber from a stone. Crystals and gems contain magical and mystical properties. The Blarney Stone is rumored to be Jacobs Pillow, the stone the father of the Israelites used as a place to rest his head while sleeping as he fled from his brother Esau. Jacob had a vision of a great staircase as he dreamt. The next day Jacob consecrated the stone to God.

Jacob’s Pillow was brought to Ireland by Jeremiah the Prophet, where it become Lia Fail or the Fatal Stone, used as a kind of sorting stone for Irish kings.

Other legends surround the stone, whose power and prophetic abilities were brought to the attention of The MacCarthy’s by a witch who was saved from drowning.

My own little Blarney Stones are river rocks mounted on rounds of cedar wood. Glitter, beads and magical elements are added to the stones to create an enchanting, unique Blarney of my own design.






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