The Frugal Musician discovers a berry good deal


I watched William Li’s TED talk last week and would encourage you to do the same. After I took this in, I decided to up my intake of berries. But how to do that on the Frugal Musician’s tiny budget was a conundrum.

My neighbor grows blackberries so I’m waiting on an invite to pick his succulent, thornless black beauties. My strawberry plants did not grow at all. And my neighbor’s blueberry plants only yielded a small crop so I was not invited to partake in the picking.

I visited my local dollar store a few months back and discovered Miltons Bread (usually $4 a loaf) and containers of President’s brand feta cheese for a buck. The dollar depot is not close enough for everyday perusing, but yesterday I had to go to the optometrist in the vicinity of the store.

Yesterday, I discovered bags of frozen, organic strawberries AND blueberries FROM THE USA. No feta cheese and no Miltons but WOW strawberries and blueberries for a buck a bag!

Last night, I made iced chamomile, passion fruit green, and black tea. I crushed strawberries and put into a blender and zoomed the mixture around til it was pulverized. It was delicious!

So delicious, I’m determined to substitute my ever present glass of diet coke with healthy TEA with berries.

Tell me about your dollar store food treasures!


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