Printer Abstinence



When the weather warmed here in Richmond, I moved into the Summer Office. The Winter Office is our guest bedroom upstairs. The Summer Office is a sunroom off our deck.

When it came time to move, I did not move my printer downstairs.

 Richmond Spring/Summer is a finicky gal, cold then hot then cold then very hot. I didn’t want to lug the printer up and down the stairs while navigating between the two offices. I can move my entire office in one trip. I’m a minimalist.

At first not moving the printer was a matter of logistics and weather. Now I realize it’s one of the best frugal moves I’ve made.

Today it is insanely hot so I’m working in the upstairs Winter Office where the printer resides. Oh she is tempting. But I shall abstain from printing. 

Are you practicing frugal abstinence? I’d love to hear about it.


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