The Frugal Musician takes a Friday Field Trip


The Frugal Musician is a hermit. It’s a fact very well-known and since I developed tinnitus last year (an evil condition where one’s ears ring, buzz or pop all the time) I have not attended live music shows, which I enjoyed up close and personal, as my ringing ears now attest to.

April 30 was Beltane and I was pondering a solo celebration of this rite of Summer. I was committed to calling in the Earth Mother Goddess with Sage and water and smoke, blessing the house and yard. In leu of a Maypole, I was thinking of gathering up blooming flowers and streaming them over my arbor in the back garden, scrying for fairies through ivy circles and fancied making a Brigids Doll of found natural items.

Then I read Agecroft Hall was having a Beltane celebration. I’d wanted to visit Agecroft forever but had not (see the aforementioned HERMIT status). The house was built in Lancashire, England in 1495 and was the home of noble families until 1926 when it was sold at auction to Richmonder Thomas C. Williams who had it dismantled, shipped across the sea and reassembled in Windsor Farms. 

From Elizabethan England to practically my back yard!

Admission was $5 for the event and the drive fit my Frugal Field trip mileage standards ( less than 20 miles round trip) so off I went! It was a great time, easy parking (free), and the small crowd was perfect.

Are you taking yourself out for Frugal Field Trips? I’d love to hear about them.


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