The Frugal Musician gets Happy


Whatever you may think of McDonald’s, when in a pinch and it’s Sunday and Chick Fil-A is MIA, a Happy Meal is The Frugal Musician’s best bet for quick and tasty nutrition. Plus, one can hold it and drive, which makes its status even more appealing.

Sunday, I had batched errands for the West End, combining an excursion with Boyfriend’s Z Car Event and an expiring coupon for a free item at Victoria’s Secret with other errands.

In the middle of my day, I was starving. Typically, I’ll make a sandwich and drink before leaving the house and pack it in a bag. But I had nothing on hand with which to create a quick to go meal. So I opted for a real indulgence: A Cheeseburger Happy Meal from McDonalds.

Most of my meals are 400 calorie affairs, and I was happy to learn that, with a child size diet coke (no ice thank you) my meal came in at 530 calories.  I ordered the Girl meal and even got a nice little Barbie item for my gift stash.  Having a cheeseburger occasionally is a nice treat. It takes me back to childhood for just a few minutes. And at $2.29 it fits my frugal budget.

What is your best option for eating on the go?


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