The Frugal Musician’s Winter Wardrobe


Envelopes 2 023

My summer wardrobe starts to morph this time of year. To acclimate to the steady decrease in sun and warmth here in Virginia,  I simply start to add layers to my standard summer attire. I’m not one that switches out closets, though I do keep coats in my upstairs sewing room closet.

Generally during the summer I wear skirts and tank tops or short sleeve tee shirts in the office. I don’t wear shoes. I think that is my favorite part of working for myself- no shoes in the office!  Liberating, indeed!

As the weather starts to cool, I add a pullover or jacket to the tank top for morning wear. Because by noon, my little sunroom office is HOT and a layer must go. I should also add, this layering technique works beautifully when one becomes a certain age and has certain alarming and sudden rises in core temperature…..

And shoes. Yes, in the winter I must wear shoes. I opt for sneakers or if it is REALLY cold, or a fuzzy pair of bedroom slippers. Underneath my jeans or pants or skirt, I’ll wear tights. I think leggings are really wonderful things and I’m going to knit myself a pair asap.

Do you do a whole wardrobe switch or does your climate allow a layered approach?


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