The Frugal Musician grows Luffa


Belmont 042

I planted Luffa seeds last year at the base of a dead tree in my flower garden. All summer I’ve had gorgeous yellow blooms and long cucumberish looking fruit.

I was wondering about harvesting and found this fantastic link. I will be giving luffahs away for gifts along with bath salts packaged in handmade drawstring bags.

The mall is a distressing place full of consumerism. I’m happy to have a little plot of land and a little know-how to create my own gifts for holidays and special occassions.

What are you making for Christmas?


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  1. That’s a great gift idea!

    I’m going to be making a lot of gifts as well. I usually bake pumpkin bread and shortbread cookies, sometimes bourbon balls. This year I’m going to try rosemary jelly with the rosemary I planted, homemade granola, and I’m really excited to try making egg nog (with hard liquor, it “preserves” in the fridge for at least 3 weeks).

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