The Frugal Musician proves how LOWE you can go


Lowes plants 001


Last Saturday was gorgeous here in Richmond VA and I was determined to NOT spend the day sitting in front of the computer working.

But I only had $15 bucks of  “disposable” income. Don’t get me wrong. I have money, just not cash. And since I have eschewed the use of credit as well as debit cards (except for groceries and gas), my stash of cash is all the income my brain recognizes.

It took a bit of discipline to train my brain to just forget about the Emergency Fund, the change jar, the little squirreling back I’ve done since the beginning of the year.  And sometimes I just get a shopping jones. This is when I usually hit up my favorite thrift mart, The Junior League store, where I can purchase items and know my purchasing power goes right back into the community.

But alas, there was no half off sale at the Junior League shop (the only time I allow myself to partake of goodies) and I just longed to putter around a shop. After all, I had not been out of the house all week.

So my fifteen bucks and I hopped in the 98 Besty Jeep and drove the 3 miles to Lowes.  I was resolved to window shop when what to my wandering eyes should appear but a LARGE GROUP OF PERENNIALS AT ONE DOLLAR OR LESS EACH. They were what I like to call “adoptees” – maybe a little droopy and shabby but with a little love, they’d blossom and grow.

My eyes welled with tears. I would finally be able to fill my planters and pots and have some much needed color on my deck and porch. I had salivated over my neighbors’ gorgeous pots of yellow and red mums  proudly displayed on front porches to welcome fall.  But $20 for a porch display was just not do-able in my book.

I grabbed one of the large Lowes rolling carts. NAY, not the basket or the regular cart but the BIG DEALS with wheels and loaded up. I ended up with hyssop, geraniums, wave petunias in coral, yellow, red and purple, assorted decorative grasses, verbena, tiny trailing Petunia, angelonia, bacopa, red rocks bearded tongue and a few more things I cannot remember. I spent the day pruning and cutting and dividing.

Lowes plants 002

One pot alone was $17.00. I paid a buck. When everything was totalled,  I had purchased 15 BIG pots of plants (enough to divide for my planters) for eleven dollars and oh five cents.

One of the 15 plants was a HUGE  yellow Gerber daisy…..

For my front porch of course (wink wink).

Lowes plants 003


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