The Frugal Musician likes a cloth napkin



I made a commitment in January to use cloth napkins. This is a frugal move I made for myself but decided it should not be forced on others in the household or when company was present.  I bought six new cloth napkins at my local Kroger in December when they marked Thanksgiving merchandise to a quarter per item.  So six new napkins cost a buck fifty.

It’s now August and the napkins, albeit a bit faded and a tiny bit stained, are still functioning perfectly. I love them and they lend an elegance to my daily meals.

I realized today, that now with my snazzy new/old sewing machine, I can make my own napkins.  I find lovely material quite often for nearly nothing and the napkins would only take a minute to create.

I love removing items from my “purchase plate”.  Have you adopted real plates and napkins for the paper stuff?


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