The Frugal Musician is a home body


Dragrace and Kronk 019

Each month I set aside a certain amount of “spending money”. Sometimes my spending money lasts an entire 30 or 31 days and I have a bit to add to my alotment for the upcoming month. Sometimes, as is the case this month, I’ve had to dip into my spending cash for necessities like gas, groceries and mailing packages.

It’s August 14 and I am technically out of cash. Not really. I have savings and I have checking, but in my mind, when my little spending money envelope is empty, it is empty. I do one of two things when this happens. I either side hustle some plants from my yard or I opt for a weekend of piddling around the house.

Piddling around, in the southern dialect, simply means hanging about not really doing much of anything. You can be piddling around in the yard, piddling around in the kitchen or piddling around the neighborhood. Nothing is within walking distance here in lovely Marion Hill, so I will be piddling in the kitchen and piddling in the yard. And piddling upstairs in my sewing room, since the weather has cooled a bit and it’s bearable up there.

I have sewing projects, cooking projects (picked apples from Mr Lundie’s trees day before yesterday and my butter peas are coming in ), writing projects (just finished a new booklet about band organization and am designing the cover), reading projects (Herbology is my new interest) and I’m in the middle of a most excellent Jane Austen read. I have plenty of magazines and art projects to keep me busy as well as the garden and yard.

I am grateful to have a home and garden that I love- a place that provides me with peace and solitude and serenity.  Whether your home is a house, an apartment, a condo, a tent, trailer or teepee, I hope this weekend you’ll find it an enjoyable place to be.


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