The Frugal Musician is keeping up appearances



I really must admit, I am quite pleased with myself.  I haven’t bought manila mailing envelopes in several months, preferring to recycle my empty cereal, pasta and cake mix boxes into handy cardboard mailers for cds and such. This is working out so wonderfully and saving much money. Plus it’s kind of fun to sit down on a Saturday night and make my cardboard mailers. It has the air of craftiness to it.

I place a sticker on the back of the mailer that says

HEY is my press kit in a cereal box????
Yes! It may be in a cereal box, a popcorn box or
pasta container. Moonstruck is committed the
the three r’s
and re-purposes all envelopes, mailers, paper,
and cardboard containers.
*Please reuse or recycle this mailer*

People have commented. My cardboard mailers, as well as serving a purpose, are a conversation piece.

One more thing checked off my “purchase” list….now if I could just figure out how to use homing pigeons instead of the post office…..


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