The Frugal Musician’s Ebay experiment


Belmont 049

My dad is quite the “collector”. And that, in the words of Forest Gump is “and that is all I haveto say about that”.

 When someone passes, my dad is usually called in to remove what is left after relatives claim items. While much ends up at the dump, too much ends up in my mom and dad’s house. My recent trip home revealed a big box of  “collectibles” removed from the home of a deceased lady. After a bit of cajoling, I convinced dad to allow me to bring the box home (to remove it mostly from my mom’s sight!) and sell the items on ebay.

I went through the box and found several items to sell including this new, never used set of Kohl’s Summer Living Flamingo party ware. The bowl and platter are huge and both items still have their $24.99 and $29.99 respectively price tags.  I listed the set on ebay for $30.00.  I also found an American Atelier Flamingo Pitcher and a set of matching salt and pepper shakers.

Reselling items like this help me help my mom and dad who are retired and living on a fixed income. They both do odd jobs to make ends meet, but it’s nice to be able to help a little bit from time to time and my proceeds from ebay sales go directly to their bank account.

I listed the Kohl’s items on ebay and hope to sell them both for $30.00.  I also listed the American Atelier pieces for $25.00. So if you know anyone who is into Flamingos……


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  1. How wonderful that you share with the neighbors!
    I just wrote about a “produce swap” in our neighborhood on my blog yesterday. In the city we have to be a little bit more organized about it.

  2. Sorry Tammy- I meant to leave this on the last post.
    I like the flamingo stuff actually, but as you know I’m getting rid of stuff, not adding…

    I bet you’ll sell them though…

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