The Frugal Musician’s Neighborhood bounty…



I’m so lucky. Everyone in my neighborhood has a garden and we tend to share among us the bounty of nature this time of year. The photos above is an example of our bounty and sharing. The butter beans are from my garden, the squash and blackberries from Dave and Barbs and tomatoes from Jean’s house.

Barb and Dave to my right have a backyard garden full of the typical southern plants (tomatoes, squash, corn) along with thornless blackberries and a plethora of blueberry bushes. I watered Barb and Dave’s garden when they were gone recently with the instructions “pick what you want!” as an extra incentive.  Last week I picked wonderful banana peppers, corn, tomatoes and blackberries from their exquisite backyard garden.  This afternoon they’re making salsa. I made Icebox Pickles last weekendfrom my garden cucumbers and hopefully will work out a pickle trade for some homemade salsa! When Dave and Barb brought me squash I made a casserole for us and one for them.

Jean, to my left, always leaves a bag of squash or some other vegetable hanging on the front fence between my yard and hers. As the wife of a retired military officer, she visits the VFW on Wednesday, where folks deposit all their leftover garden goodies for the taking. Last week, Jean was out of town and I was instructed to check on her tomato plants and pick anything ripening.

While I was walking Mr Kronk last night, I noticed several neighbors have fig trees. Mr Lundie has apples and peaches growing on the trees in his field, a multipurpose area for the neighborhood. I’ve also noticed nut trees and the corner neighbors have a pear tree.

I am blessed to live within so much natural bounty, in a beautiful neighborhood, with friendly faces and backyard gardens!


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