The Frugal Musician’s Thrifty Dilemma



The men in my life are slender people and Express caters to slender types. I can always find shirts and pants to fit the fellas in my life (sons and Boyfriend) with little effort. It’s nice to take advantage of sales plus 40% off – like these nice polo shirts.

But at full price Express is a nightmare. A great example is ties. A tie at Express is (are you sitting down?) $60.00. I buy ties for my younger son who has to wear them to work, for a buck at the Junior League.  The last one I bought at JL was a silk affair from Joseph A Banks for a dollar.  I do like Express because it is one of those stores my sons can walk into and if they find something they like, can call Mom and she can put it on her Express card. This is the only card I use for this purpose. If my kids need new clothing for a job interview or a special event, it’s nice to be able to purchase an item for them with my card.  I should note both of them live in different states and asking mom to put something on her card is a rarity.

For my birthday, Express kindly sent me a $15 gift card. I was going to use it today as it expires, but the mall is a 40 minute drive and I just noticed I cannot use the card on red-lined items (mark downs) making it pretty useless, unless I want a pair of earrings. Somehow, the drive and time just isn’t worth redeeming the $15 gift card.

In this instance, free was really not going to be free at all. Have you run into similar situations? I’d love to hear about it!


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  1. I’m letting a coupon from Origins run out today because I don’t really need anything and I don’t feel like going to the store after work. (It wasn’t a free coupon though).

    Still- even in your case I wouldn’t have driven all the way to the mall.

    • Sometimes free or saving is just not worth the effort. I’ve allowed my Sunday newspaper subscription to expire and I now realize Sunday mornings are not going to be spent clipping coupons and matching to flyers and planning to go out and take advantage of savings (spend money). I really stocked up on things during the 3 months I was subscribing to the paper. BUT I do want to peruse sale papers on line for back to school stationery supplies. This is when I buy my notebooks, pens, paper, etc for the coming work year!
      Have a great day Angela!

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