The Frugal Musician’s glove



Last year, our first with a garden and a home of our own (did I mention the garden first….whoops) Boyfriend and I were in Lowes buying planting supplies. We’d bought several shovels and rakes at a local Goodwill, but we needed a hose and other assorted stuff for the yard. We saw garden gloves neatly displayed. I was shocked at the $15.00 price tag but Boyfriend insisted his farmerette have proper hand wear for gardening (and HE was buying!) so the above gloves were purchased. Yes they came in a pair (lol).

This year a hole appeared in the middle finger of the right glove. After mulling over the purchase of new gloves I decided to try and make a little repair myself. After all, it was only ONE TEAR in the right glove. The left glove was holding up nicely (I’m right handed…).

SO, I brought the glove in, got out a sturdy needle to go through the leather and made the repair. It worked great and saved me purchasing more garden gloves at the beginning of garden season.

Have you stitched anything up lately to make it last a little longer? It would be fun to hear about it!


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