The Frugal Musician is a scrapper…


DC 094I’m a scrapper. And I don’t mean a girl who likes to pick fights.

I like material scraps and use them to make bags for stones, gems or runes. I make 3×6 drawstrings type bags as a creative meditative art. had a listing for quilters scraps for free. After speaking with the poster, she assured me these scraps were very nice and they were quite large. The hitch was she lived in Chesterfield, which was not exactly close.

I had a meeting across town yesterday and it just so happened boyfriend had seen a boat in Chesterfieldfor nearly nothing on, so we mapquested our errands and bundled our tasks and headed out. My meeting went great (new work!), and the scraps were mostly gorgeous pieces of silk in the most beautiful colors, and the boat – well, the boat was pretty much a disaster that would have taken a lot of money to renovate.

I cannot wait to get into my big bag of scraps and have fun sewing bags. A bag of material is just as soothing and comforting to me as a therapy session must be to some folks.  There’s something about cutting and whip stitching and coming up with creative cords for ties and cool beads or tokens to finish off my bags that speaks to my artist’s soul.

Do you have a simple craft that speaks to your soul and gives you calmness and serenity? I’d love to know about it!


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