The Frugal Musician’s .49 cent brand new hoodie from Victoria’s Secret


DC 092I recently received a Victoria’s Secret Semi Annual Clothing sale catalog. Generally, I don’t buy via catalogs because I’m never certain of sizes. FM is a tiny thing, 100 pounds, five feet tall, and I must try things on to make sure they’ll fit.

The catalog featured a $10 discount offer on any item and many items were priced at $9.99. A particular fleece jacket ($9.99)  with cool dolmen sleeves caught my eye and, as today was the last day to qualify for the $10 discount, I went online to order the jacket (which had been $58.00).

When I went to the VS website, they were having a free shipping offer. I easily entered my code for the $10 discount and then entered the free shipping code.

Total for my very cool hoodie with dolmen sleeves in heather grey including shipping.

.49 cents!!

I was tickled PINK!


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