The Frugal Musician wonders about rebates…


swing and calla lilliesIt’s summer and in the summer the frugal musician often finds herself sitting and musing over this and that when it’s simply too hot to move…

Sometimes I muse in this awesome swing in our garden…

Once upon a time, I rebated A LOT. I combined coupons and bought products with rebates. I kept everything in a shoebox and that little shoebox made me a nice chunck of cash every year. It was my Happy Santa money.

I subscribed to the Sunday paper for coupons a few months ago. But I’ve noticed very few rebate opportunities. I confess I haven’t used rebates since the kids were little (they’re 30 and 22 now) but thought it may be something to consider as a side hustle.

Are there sites for rebates? I did have a bad experience with Centrum vitamins. Just got a letter from them saying my rebate didn’t have the UPC box codes and I most certainly DID mail them in the envelope with the rebate form. I carefully considered COPYING the form and the UPC box codes before mailing but never got it done. This is irritating because it was a $10 rebate.

I think it’ll be a futile fight to try and shake $10 out of them, but I will NOT buy Centrum vitamins again. So there…


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