Happy Birthday TO ME!


Last month, I signed up for a few newsletters and sites which promised birthday perks. I haven’t received anything from that list yet, but today I did receive a $15 gift card from Express! Although I was dismayed to learn it was not applicable for red-line items (reduced merchandise) it’s still going to be fun to have something new just for me!
My birthday is July 29. I’ll be 51. I’ve decided now would be a good time to start reversing numbers so actually I’ll be 15.


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  1. Happy Birthday Tammy!
    Go wild at Express!

    p.s. from last post’s question- my husband is a filmmaker/ writer/ editor/ painter/ musician- AND he’s handy around the house! Combine that with making me laugh about 100 times a day, and I’d say I hit the jackpot. I’ll send you a photo of a giant painting he made of me.

    • I love that your fella makes you laugh. That is MOST important! I was talking to my neighbor who has had the same job for a long long time and she is afraid of downsizing. I realized when I was talking to her, that people like you and me and your hubby and my fella have had to stay afloat in the arts for so long it’s second nature for us to just “adapt”
      Kinda like the borg……LOL- Katy would like that one!
      I WILL GO WILD at EXPRESS. I also have free chick fil a for July so MY MY MY I will be a wild MALL MAMA!!!

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