The Frugal Musician is constantly cooking….



My kitchen is typically a busy place. We usually have breakfast, lunch and dinner at home, so I’m constantly cooking. It’s also at least 90 degrees outside right now and we have our ac set on 80, so cooking in the mornings (before I have to be in my office at 10:00am)or on weekends is the best plan to beat the heat and have quick nutritious meals in a flash.

Wednesday’s market trip resulted in bone-in chicken breasts for 99 cents a pound and I had a dollar off coupon. Friday night I de-boned and froze chicken and while I was at it, cooked a breast to use for omelets and cooked another to use for pasta salad. I also boiled the bones from the chicken and made homemade stock. While I was boiling the water for the pasta salad, I dropped in 6 in the shell eggs to boil along with the water. I drained and made the pasta salad and peeled the eggs and used three for deviled eggs and the other three to make egg salad.  

Tonight (Sunday) I already had a beef fillet thawed to cook for boyfriend’s dinner (a pack of three nice fillets were marked down by the butcher AS I WAS STANDING AT THE MEAT COUNTER!), but he had early rehearsal. I cooked the fillet anyway as tomorrow’s dinner since I was already in the kitchen doing the dishes.  Tomorrow, I’ll serve the fillet with a microwaved baked potato and the aforementioned pasta salad.

As for my dinner tonight, I’m having one of my favorites : A BOWL OF CEREAL!

How do you stay cool in the kitchen when it’s scorching outside?


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  1. During July and August, I almost never turn on the oven. Maybe I’ll bake a pie early in the morning, but that’s about it.

    We eat salads or grill almost all summer. On the grill- fish, turkey burgers, veggie burgers, grilled vegetables, portobello mushrooms, chicken, and turkey sausage. Those are the favorites.

    Tonight we ate a cold meal- a red leaf lettuce salad tossed with fennel, parmesan, and pepper in Italian dressing, and an Heirloom tomato/buffalo mozzarella salad with olive oil and fresh basil, and a can of albacore tuna with capers. It was delicious.

    My husband and I both love cereal and fruit for dinner occasionally. Especially if we ate a big lunch.

    Is that your kitchen??? It’s gorgeous.

    • Angela your dinner sounded fabulous! Boyfriend is a BIG meat eater so a salad is just not a meal for him. For me, anything on a bed of greens is a meal in itself!
      I love the way yall creativly cook and live life. I don’t think i’ve asked what your fella does. Isn’t he an artist type too?

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