The Frugal Musician presents the Side Hustle Weekend


DC 074

I decided Thursday evening I would take Friday afternoon off work to “side hustle”. I love this term and it was brought to my attention lately by Jason at I encourage you to visit Jason’s site. He has great ideas, is not bogged down in percentages and investing and always has PRACTICAL advice that is easily implementable.

Our community yard sale is Saturday. I’ve cleaned closets again and found I had plenty of stuff to sell even after my 27 Things Project in May

Since the yard sale was this weekend, I also decided to dig my giant monkey grass (lirope, mondo grass) from the back garden. We have hundreds of mutant mondo grass clumps that seem to just get bigger and bigger. Even when I dig them and think they’re gone, they come back stronger and bigger than before. I’ve dug an entire circle up and am selling on for $15 a clump. A tiny sprig of mondo grass is usually at least $6-7 at Lowes.

I’m also continuing to make bags to sell at  I started making these awhile back to give as gifts and discovered the creation of them was calm and meditative. I plan to open a store and sell on as soon as I have completed 20 bags. 

So it’s all about the side hustle this weekend. I’ll see how much I can put in the ole purse and report on my progress next week.

Wish me luck!


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