The Frugal Musician has a question…


VELVET BAG 7I’m thinking of selling these velvet bags on

Have any of you bought or sold on

I love to sit down with a pile of velvet (re-purposed of course) and stitch up these little drawstring bags.

I view it as a stress buster. It would be great if it were a money maker as well.

With no 401k or retirement stipend or trust fund, Tammy is trying to weave a tapestry of freelance work and crafting to sail her through her golden years.

Or silver years according to my hair…..


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  1. Hi Tammy-
    So, I love your bags and would buy them. The question is your time vs. the cost.
    I don’t know how long they take to make, but I doubt if anyone would want to spend more than maybe $5. And that might not be worth your time.
    I have ordered beauty products that give away bags like this (velvet, not necessarily decorated).

    So I would say- make a few and try it out and see if it’s worth it.

    Good luck!

    • Hey Angela
      You know girl, I was thinking $5 maybe $6 to cover the ETSY cost. Making these little bags is a big stress buster for me.
      I repurpose used clothing and everything is hand sewn except for hems and such that are intrinsic in the dress or blouse or shirt.
      Velvet bags sell for a lot on ETSY and I was surprised at the prices! But considering I’ll be repurposing and using sewing as a “meditation” it would be fun to see if I could sell these little jewels!
      Thanks for coming by. I have been swamped thismonth but July is very light – a little frightening for a freelance gal, but leaves me a bit more time to write

  2. That’s a good idea to sell them as gem/stone bags. In that case, they could be for kids, so you could try out some “kid-friendly” patterns.

    Good luck!

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