The Frugal Musician is going to attempt a yard sale



See the brown drooppy sad eyes? See how Mr Kronk is hiding under the covers? This photo says a lot about how I feel about yard sales…..

I’ve never ever had a successful yard sale. Despite much work gathering items, making sure they’re clean, pricing and advertising, yard sales have never been good to me. I usually end up giving a bunch of stuff away and then take the rest to The Clothes Rack (Junior League Thrift store) and then beat myself up over having wasted so much time, effort and energy to make $10.00

A flyer was in the mailbox last week and the neighborhood is planning a yard sale to be held in Mr Lundie’s field right up the street. I really do want to try and sell some things. I usually even have a box of freebies.

Do any of you have suggestions or tips for a successful foray at this? I’ve done the usual; packaged my items in baskets, made pricing clear, made sure everything was displayed nicely, to no avail.

Any advice certainly would be appreciated! I don’t want to have to hide in shame with the covers pulled over my head after making a whopping $10 bucks.

BTW- Mr Kronk was feeling just fine in this photo, despite his appearance. It was cold when the pic was taken and he likes to crawl in the bed with his nose tucked just under the covers…


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  1. I don’t have any particular “tips”- but good luck! I think you’ll do a lot better in a group sale. One thing I would say is to try to have a few larger, nice items displayed near you, to draw people over. You could also use pretty, bright-colored wrapping paper on the tables or areas to display items. Bright and pretty, draw them in.

    I remember the best yard sale we ever had, the next door neighbor had a lot of nice furniture to attract people. And I had a really cute screen (the kind that has three panels and you can use to partition a room- they used to have them in old movies when women would take off their clothes behind them and throw lingerie over the top) That screen, while it lasted, made a lot of people stop. It was large, and it was noticeable and attractive.

    • HMMM angela! I have a big poster of a pirate that I didn’t take to the thrift mart last month. I don’t know why I kept him out of the donation pile. Maybe the universe was trying to tell me he would be perfect at my yardsale??
      LOL- I love those screens Angela. Wish I had one. WAIT A MINUTE what the heck am i saying???

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