The Frugal Musician and CVS



Special K had an excellent buy at my local CVS last week. I wish I would have had time to write about it LAST week but The Frugal Musician is in the throes of summer tour season with a dozen bands.  I love my work. It  just doesn’t give me much time to write at the moment, which I am grateful for. I love to write but it is important to pay the bills and put bread on the table too. Or maybe cereal…..

CVS had a BOGOF (buy one get one free- I know I probably don’t have to explain that to most of you!) on Kelloggs Special K cereal. Each box was a shocking $4.49 BUT since it was a BOGOF offer, that brought the cost to only $2.25 per box. I had a dollar off manufacturers coupon on two boxes, knocking down the price to a nice $1.75 each.

When I arrived home and was putting my purchases away, I discovered $6.00 in coupons for other Special K items like milkshakes, cereal bars and fitness water.

So the way I see it I actually made money on the purchase of this cereal! I LOVE when that happens!


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