The Frugal Musician and the Legend of the Lexmark Printer


X2600_medI bought a Lexmark printer in January 2008. It seemed like a great deal at the time, but I didn’t check about replacement print cartridges before I purchased.

They are $29.00 (SHOCKER)!

I can get them a bit cheaper by buying the knock off brand at Staples which also credits me $3.00 each time I recycle a print cartridge.

For months I have waited for Walgreen to add my particular cartridge to their refill list. Walgreen refills are $10.

Last month, Walgreen added my print cartridge! No more $29.00 cartridges! Hallelujah!

I happily took my cartridge to Walgreen, had it refilled and brought it home.

Unfortunately, my software did not recognize the cartridge. The screen kept blaring the big news that THERE IS NO CARTRIDGE in the printer.

I called Lexmark. “We do not recommend refilled cartridges for our printers.”

“Well I realize that.” I was trying to be patient, “But there has to be a way to override this error message.”

“We do not recommend refilled cartridges for our printers. ”

This went on for five minutes before I realized the tech at the other end of the line wasn’t going to go to any measures to help me.

Lesson: Do not buy a Lexmark Printer. If this were a great printer it would be different. But it’s just average, jams frequently (probably because I use recycled paper. I bet they don’t recommend that either) and doesn’t deliver great quality or quantity.

And Lexmark doesn’t recommened refilled print cartridges. Did I mention that?


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