The Frugal Musician creates spice cups


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I love the Food Network and I think those dandy little cups the cooks use for spices or spice blends are so neat.

While I am no chef, it’s fun to at least make an attempt at culinary skill occasionally.  And the little spice cups make me feel like a pro. They help keep my spice containers clean and I am careful to measure out just the right amounts of salt, pepper and thyme so as no to waste anything.

The little plastic tubs are the holders of my Fitness Water mix from Kroger. The plastic tubs come six to a plastic cylinder. In addition to using the small cups for everything from spices to dressing and dips “on the side” I also use the plastic cylinder for storage. The cylinder’s label comes completely off and I’m left with a very nice white storage container with a blue snap on top.

Not only do I keep plastic out of the recycling bin, I can also pretend I’m Rachel Ray or Guy Fieri… a frugal sort of way of course…


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  1. Hey FM- I had the idea of these spice cups in my head, because I tore open a bag of paprika- what to do with it? (I buy the bags at Cost Plus for 50cents instead of $4 in a jar at the store). So then at work in the Commissary I saw these little plastic jars for salad dressing- aha! I took one home and now it’s housing my paprika.

    • Wow paprika for .50 cents a bag! That is a great price Angela. I like these little cups and use them for all sorts of things. I even have a few upstairs for bead sorting. I’ve gotten serious about creating items to sell on I’m making paper beads to enhance my velvet bag creations. I love making paper beads. It is definately a stress buster.
      😉 thanks for coming by Angela. It’s summer tour season and I am working my tail off. Which is VERY GOOD but it leaves me little time to write and post.
      Plus it’s sunny outside and the garden is coming in …..hurray!

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