The Frugal Musician makes the most of magazines



I must confess, I like a nice magazine. I love to read, but sometimes my reading brain just get burned out. I want something fun and glossy with pretty pictures of things I can most certainly do without but it’s fun to just look at them. A magazine is like window shopping, without leaving the house. 

I buy current magazines at a second hand shop that sells them for .50. If you buy 5 magazines, you get five for a buck. Great deal.

I also have a hard time letting go of a pretty magazine, always thinking my Mom would like it or my sister, and occassionally I’ll send them a small stack. But since postage went up, that has gotten a bit pricey.

I also use magazines to make treasure maps. The one above is focused on good food I personally like. I have other maps that are about words I find pleasing or textures I find soothing or clothing I find attractive.

Here’s a little tutorial about how to make a treasure map

I have another confession to make. I use the scented pages as drawer liners for my lingerie. LOL. A little scented sachet with a gorgeous picture is thrown into the drawer and it smells divine! I’ve even tucked these little goodies under the seats of my car for a lovely scent.

Have fun with your magazines and treasure maps and recycle your scraps!


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