The Frugal Musician has a problem with paper…



I am a record keeper. I keep calendars as part of my daily work. I can tell you how many shows I’m working, who is where and when they’re supposed to be there and how much money they’re making.  I also keep a daily work  journal, which I call a Daily Book. The Daily Book helps me track progress on projects, helps me keep ideas in one place and also doubles as my incoming call log. Each night when I close my office, I write my to do list for the next morning in the Daily Book.

I have a problem letting go of my calendars and Daily Books. I always feel like I will need some piece of information hidden deep in the crevices of one of them from three years ago.

I realized this weekend, this constant parade of paper was its own brand of clutter.

I set aside two hours and carefully went through my old Daily Books to glean any information I might need.  I found VERY little info that I really needed. And nothing that I could not have lived without.

I then tore out the pages in the old Daily Books and shredded them to make paper mulch for the garden.

And I do feel better.

Do you have a paper problem? I’d love to hear about it. That way, I know I’m not alone! Maybe we could form a support group!


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  1. I definitely have a paper problem!
    The funny thing is- when I would do a film job I would keep a notebook just like yours- then I had stacks of them, 2 or 3 from each movie I’d worked on. And one day I finally just tossed them all in a fit of liberation. A few weeks later, my husband got a job working with an editor I’d worked with, and I’d thrown out tons of info. he could have used.
    Not a good story for getting rid of paper, I guess.

  2. LALALALALALAL- not listening to Angela…not listening to Angela..LOL

    The thing is though Angela, I LIKE PAPER. I like the actual physical act of writing on and shuffling through paper and honestly I’m quite organized with it all. It’s just too much stuff.

    But I promise you after having purged myself of these notebooks, someone will call and say HEY do you have the phone number of that guy in Texas who had that bar…??? HAHAHAHAHA

    Thanks for coming by Angela. I want to hear more about this movie thing..

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