The Frugal Musician has had a busy week…


blog photos 066Yes those are my little brown feet. And let me tell you, they are as tired as the rest of me!

Last week, Sister called with a potential beach trip for June 1-8, so Moonstruck and The Frugal Musician and Alunatunes all went into HIGH gear to try and get ready. By Tuesday, it was all just a fleeting fancy, but I was not disappointed. My Sister is the ultimate real estate agent, Mom and wife and manages all of this while Husband is mostly on tour.¬† For her to really have fun and relax during our little beach excursion, she has to not be in the middle of a deal. She”s finding herself in the midst of several, which is a very good thing for a real estate agent in this economy.

Even though we didn’t get to go to the beach, the thought of being gone forced me into working 15 hour days. So I got A LOT done with my business (which is public relations and publicity for bands, if you didn’t know that already!) but neglected my Frugal Musician posts.

Which brings me to the picture above. This is the donation bag that has been in the bottom of my closet since May 01. Some things I could not fit into the bag and I still want Boyfriend to clean his closet before I take this to the thrift mart on Monday.

I received an email from my thrift mart last week. Donations are needed and the store is offering a $5 gift certificate for dropping things off!

Giving AND getting is perfect!


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