The Frugal Musician goes totally green…


First Lettuce


I’d anticipated this day. From the first false hints of spring to the real thing that came rolling in a week ago (yes, a week ago. It has been very chilly here in VA), I knew this day would come.

I went out to the garden patch today and picked my first leaves of black seeded simpson. I nearly cried. I sat on my little brick path for awhile before I picked my first lettuce and contemplated the serious and miraculous nature of a seed. As I picked the first delictable bites of spring, a prayer sprang to my mind.

Mother Earth, thank you for these, the first edible offerings of spring.  I revel in the color, texture and taste of your bounty and pray for abundance from my little garden. May I have enough, not more, Mother Earth. May I have enough to provide nutrition for myself and I pray that my abundance will be enough to share with others.  May my little garden yield enough to preserve and can and freeze so that I can be sweetly reminded of you in the middle of winter when the Earth is cold, gray, sad and damp. 

Thank you Mother Earth for reminding me of the power of a seed, whether it’s a vegetable seed or a seed of thought or action. Seeds contain endless possibilities. Make me mindful, Mother Earth, of the power of a seed, whether it is one of  love, forgiveness, faith or  hope. As spirits in human form, we have the power to plant seeds of peace and tranquility or seeds of darkness and despair. Help us, Mother Earth, to be aware of the seeds we plant as we speak, work, listen, love and live.



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