27 things project May 15


craigslist.org 046Yo HO HO and a cut out of a pirate!

This again came from dad’s house (are you noticing a trend?). I LOVE pirates. I thought I might hang it on my office wall and use it as a corkboard.

But I work in a sunroom where there are three glass walls. And very little wooden wall space (except for the ceiling…)

So in the closet it will go. I can see it in a child’s room or possibly a rec room.

He’s such a happy pirate, he deserves more than the deserted isle of the upstairs closet.


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    • i love the way it smells…also lately I have become a big fan of rosemary. I think i’ll have to grown some!
      Always enjoy chatting with you Angela.

  1. Somehow I put my comment about thyme on the pirates post. But I think it’s really funny that you love pirates. Is that because of Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom, or was this a pre-Disney franchise fascination? You know there’s a “talk like a pirate day” right? I don’t know when it is, but usually someone sends me an email about it…

    By the way, rosemary is the EASIEST herb to grow. It’s like a weed. We had some in our last place that someone had planted and no one in the building ever did anything to it, even watering, and it was a huge shrub. they’re very hardy. I’ve planted a small bush in our yard and it’s already large and it doesn’t seem to matter whether I water it or not.

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