27 things project May 14


craigslist.org 060

Boyfriend is a sound engineer and gets all manner of tee shirts from bands and organizations. He’s also a big fan of the funny tee.

The funny tees he purchases at Walmart or the like and the band tees, well, they’re usually a large, or extra large or an extra extra large.  Boyfriend wears a size small on his lanky, thin six foot four body.

I was reserving these tees for a yard sale. Every year I think I’ll have a yard sale and make money. And every year, I have a well constructed, well thought out, well advertised sale which garners me about $8.

It’s simply not worth the effort.

So into the give away bag at the bottom of the closet the tees will go.

They shall live another day to add humor to someone else’s day….


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