The Frugal Musician eats like a rabbit




Yes I eat like a rabbit.  I love salad.

And soon, I shall have homegrown lettuce and spinach but in the mean time, I have to bag it.

This week’s market trip gleaned two bags of salad mix, one spinach and carrots and the other a harvest blend with all manner of lettuce plus a bag of nuts and currents AND a apple cider vinegar dressing.  For a total of $2.50. The bags were reduced and I had a dollar coupon off two. SCORE!!

For dinner last night, I made taco salad. I browned half a pound of ground beef and added chili powder and a squirt of ketchup. I had a small portion of ribeye steak leftover from the night before as well and added that to the mixed greens. I heaped on a spoonful of black beans and topped with shredded sharp cheddar, sour cream and a dressing of mayo mixed with ketchup (sort of a homemade thousand island).  For a bit o’crunch I used the remnants of the bottom of a bag of corn chips (waste not…).

It was delicious. Even Boyfriend, who decidedly does NOT eat like a rabbit, loved it and had seconds later in the evening.  There’s even enough salad left for me to have lunch a couple of times.

Not bad for $2.50.


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