27 things project May 8


 You Don't Have to Be Rich

I bought this book at a yard sale and intended to sell it at my half.com bookstore. But I discovered it was not selling for what I bought it for. Usually I can buy books and sell them on half.com and make a bit of profit. We live in a college town, and I can really make a nice little income from side hustling books during the spring (graduation) and the fall (new school year).

So I put this book on my shelf thinking I might read it “someday”. But my shelves are cluttered with “someday” books. Mostly I read historical fiction, Jane Austen and metaphysical books.  Most of my financial reading is done via blogs and online.

So in the bag it goes.

According to Amazon: Chatzky begins with short and savvy history of how Americans turned from market observers to “in the game all the time participants.” Then, she focuses on how to use market down turns as an opportunity “to take back our money by living within our means.” Chatzky’s down to earth advice is practical and confronts the reader head-on with a non-nonsense approach: “five steps to wanting less,” “Feng Shui finance to simplify,” “advice for the organizationally dyslexic,” “non-gaseous goal setting,” or “how to stop digging a financial hole and spotting unconscious spending.”

I think someone would really enjoy this book particularly in this economic climate. There are too many books on my shelf and I always look forward to passing them along!


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