The Frugal Musician’s Thrifty Mothers Day Idea



My mom loves to send cards, but she lives on a fixed income, and as anyone knows, cards are pricey and stamps – well, they just keep going up and up.

For Mothers Day I went to my thrift mart and picked up an assortment of 20 cards for my mom. The cards are usually 10 cents each and include top of the line Hallmark, Shoebox and American Greetings.  The only sticking point is cards are in one basket and envelopes are in another, so one must go through and match up the cards to a fitting envelope. But even that is really not a hassle for a 10 cent card and envelope.

Last weekend, thrift mart had half off day and I bought 20 cards for Mom for $1.00.  I’ll add a book of stamps and I will have a wonderful, thoughtful and thrifty gift for the Best Mom in the World.

People on fixed incomes appreciate gifts that help them give to others.  My Mom always enjoys showing kindness and this is a perfect way to do it!


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