The Frugal Musician LOVES half off at the thrift mart



I am only a shopoholic when The Clothes Rack has a half price sale.  This thrift store is managed by The Junior League and it is well run, clean and insanely prone to astounding sales! 

At least once or twice a month there is a half off the whole store sale.  Any item is half price.  The paperback books were new and were priced at a quarter. I pick up books for my brother-in-law for Christmas. He is on the road and paperbacks are perfect for the bus, backstage and hotel room.

The package of towels were in shades of white and were NEW- no stains, no spots. The package also contained a lovely white patterned Mikasa wash cloth. The hem was out of it so I stitched it back up and it’s good as new.

I bought three shirts and a pair of shoes for myself. The box will make an outstanding container for a gift.

Grand total : $9.00

Going on a shopping spree for under $10: Priceless


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  1. Angela I am SOOOO lucky with my thrift mart. It’s run by the Junior League of Richmond and all the proceeds go to programs for women and children. When I spend here I feel like I really do contribute back to the community. They have half off sales and tag sales all the time.
    I tried them on and they are NOT ITCHY! YAHOOO!

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