27 things project May 05






The 27 things project is about reducing, reusing and recycling. In this case, it’s about reinventing.

If you’ve been here any time at all, you know the man in my life is a short, round, bald, impecably dressed, egg-headed Belgian detective – yes, I am in love with Inspector Poirot.

Agatha Christie’s little detective captured my heart years ago, first in print, then in a series on the Arts and Entertainment channel featuring  David Suchet.

In nearly every episode of Inspector Poirot, his “little grey cells” are pondering a murder most foul, over a typical English breakfast complete with gorgeous porcelain place settings, real silver and a toast rack.

A toast rack is just that. A depository to keep toast fresh and separated at breakfast. My little want-to-be-English heart longed for one. My little Dickensish poor purse could not afford one.

Much to my surprise, my boss at the time, Betty, who then became my friend, bought a toast rack for me for Christmas one year.

I have used it several times for its intended purpose but, since becoming a self employed gal, breakfast is mostly downed at the kitchen counter or at my computer.

So the little beloved toast rack has sat forlorn in my cupboard for years.

Until today.

I pulled it out, shined it up and it’s now a place for my folders. I’d checked out this desktop file system in Staples and Office Depot and just could not justify the cost.

I put my own “little grey cells” to work and came up with the toast rack as folder rack.

I think Inspector Poirot would be proud.



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  1. I love your folder rack! Now I just need to find one used, because I realized I need a place to store my folders up instead of flat and buried one on top of the other (for the ones that are often in use and out of the drawer).

    I can see me now- perusing Goodwills all over Los Angeles for a toast rack.

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