The Frugal Musician says DARN IT




According to Wikipedia, “darning consists of anchoring the thread in the fabric on the edge of the hole and carrying it across the gap. It is then anchored on the other side, usually with a running stitch or two. If enough threads are criss-crossed over the hole, the hole will eventually be covered with a mass of thread.”

I darned several socks this weekend-they only had tiny holes. I also hemmed a pair of pants, patched a holey pocket in some jeans and sewed buttons back onto a favorite summer shirt.  I did it all by hand with no sewing machine.

I love mending things. I get a true sense of gratification and a big boost when I can make something last a little while longer.  My fav summer shirt is probably 8 years old but I totally dig it and have never seen another one like it. I consistantly make little repairs, sew up tiny holes and rips in the hem of this favorite garment.

My next sewing project is repairing my big, blanket-like Christian Dior winter robe. The hem is fraying and the pockets need work. 

Consider the economics of repairing instead of replacing. Ponder the ingenuity of the Depression generation whose motto was: Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.


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