27 things project May 3


blog-photos-050I loved this cami when I purchased it at the thrift mart for a buck.

At my favorite frugalista shopping spot, children’s clothing is a dollar.

I should explain.

The Frugal Musician is a tiny thing. I’m five feet tall and weigh 100 pounds soaking wet and find that most grown up clothes do not fit. Therefore, I purchase size 14-16 girls clothing. It is sometimes a task to locate an item that does not have I LOVE MOMMY or Seasame Street logos (hmmm- but I did just purchase a Seasame St tee shirt- it says “I’M LOST can you tell me how to get to Seasame Street?- perfect!)

This is a size 16 girls cami top with lovely lace and sequins. I thought it would make a nice summer night shirt with a pair of tights.

But the shirt ITCHES. I cannot describe it better. The combination of lace and sequins, while beautiful, ITCHES.

So in the bag it goes. I really hate to see it leave, because it is darn pretty. But did I mention it ITCHES??


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  1. You ARE tiny! I am small- size 4- and when I shrink something it goes to my friend who is about 4 foot 10 inches and less than 100 pounds. She shops in the children’s department. It’s a great tip because I have twice found jackets in the kid’s department. Two years ago at Macy’s I found a super cute curdoroy jacket that was a girl’s size 12 or 14. And then last year- the best find ever- at Nordstrom’s they had the cutest knee length wool coats and they were $49. I bought the beautiful dark red one and I absolutely love it. It’s a simple pattern that won’t go out of style and I’ll wear it for years. yay for the kid’s dept. And I’m glad I wasn’t on the Compact last year when I saw that coat- I don’t think I would have been able to resist it.

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