The Frugal Musician has a question for Compactors



I like my neighborhood Family Dollar store. I regard it as a smaller, compact version of megastores like Walmart and Target. Mine has great deals on markdowns and reasonable prices on nearly everything.

Last week, Family Dollar had all their winter clothing marked 90% off.

I bought Bugle Boy flannel shirts for my nephew, brother and brother-in-law as Christmas gifts. I bought a flannel lined denim jacket for my dad and a pair of pajamas to use as a baby gift.

All of the above was $5.80 without tax.

This was much cheaper than I could have bought used items at my thrift marts. One reason I shop thrift, is that I feel like my money goes back into community projects.  My Family Dollar is a couple miles away, so I feel like I support the local economy when I spend there.

I’ve thought of joining The Compact, but routinely run across deals like the above.

This raised a question in my mind. What would a Compactor do when confronted with new clothing for 90% off?


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  1. I’ve only been doing The Compact since the beginning of this year, so I’m no expert. But it was originally started to “go beyond recycling” and had nothing to do with being frugal. So according to The Compact, it doesn’t really matter how much an item of clothing costs, only that it is one more thing being produced, shipped, packaged, bought and put into a plastic bag, etc. So buying used is more “compact-y” because it’s closer to recycling.

    But with the kind of deals you find, it would be tough to be a Compacter!

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